A new, fair and ethical art trade paradigm 

  • Because it is the professional visual / fine art artists opportunity to reach wider audiences and earn a stable continuous income


  • Because it lays the foundation for a more fair, accesible, sustainable, stable and supportive contemporary art market ecosystem


  • Because it is one of the most effective ways of reducing the ecological footprint in the global art market system.  F is not a greenwashing operation: our business concept and sales strategy stands for and guarantees a significant reduction of the waste that the art world generates.


  • Because it optimises the creators work process and it reduces waste, ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns (UN Goal #12)


  • Because it facilitates the democratization and accessibility of contemporary art to the general public and aspiring and established collectors


  • Because it strengthens and empowers the most vulnerable cog of the art system (the producers)


  • Because it encourages art purchasers and collectors to have a more natural and direct contact with local (or not) visual/fine art artists 


  • Because it helps to regulate and balance the price of artworks


  • Because it allows producers and consumers to save money


  • Because the 50% intermediaries fee doesn´t have to govern the art trade system


  • Because Fair Art Trade´s free artist locator index enables fast and direct contact between art purchasers and a curated selection of professional visual/fine art artists


  • Because Fair Art Trade is a supportive community and family of contemporary art professionals