How to sell FAIR ART TRADE ︎


PHASE 0 ︎︎︎
Apply for membership.  If your application is approved by the selection panel you will receive a membership registration number 

PHASE 1 ︎︎︎
Pinning down of works for sale with intermediaries (commercial galleries, art dealers, etc).  These works will not be offered for sale via Fair Art Trade.

PHASE 2 ︎︎︎
Discussion with the Fairtrade expert product management team. Personalised counselling and advice for deciding over the artwoks and prices of your FAIR ART TRADE collection

PHASE 3 ︎︎︎
Inclusion in the F ARTISTS GALLERY.  Public launch via social media and professional network. 

PHASE 4 ︎︎︎
Start selling to new wider audiences via F representation. Receive 85% of the profits from each sale. Seasonal or annual renewal of the F artwork collection when works are sold out.