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Fairartrade is a free Certification that supports fair independent artwork sales from professional fine art/visual artists

Motivating art buyers and collectors

The FAIRARTRADE label is motivating and winning the hearts of art buyers and collectors that care, support and understand the importance of the need of a rising emancipation of visual and fine art artists from a deregulated and unbalanced contemporary art market architecture.   Also, the expansion of technology and communication has enabled visual artists to be easily located and contacted directly.

As well as the ethical principles, art buyers and collectors are also weighing up the economic benefits of buying art avoiding the inflated cost of the intermediaries (commercial galleries, art dealers, etc).

Challenging the current contemporary art market architecture

Commercial gallery compatibility

FAIRARTRADE is compatible with artists represented by commercial contemporary art galleries. Visual artists without an international exclusivity agreement (oral or written) with a commercial gallery can apply for membership. With the personal free registration number they can start using the label on social media, promotion material and websites, as well as certifying independent artwork sales with the FAIRARTRADE label. 


Avoid the 50% toll

Most commercial art galleries keep 50% of the total price of any sold artwork, making art innaccesible for many and a questionable asset for money laundering.  A FAIR ART TRADE labelled artwork guarantees purchasers that they are not paying excessive intermediaries extra charges and that the transaction is fair and honest.  

Optimise studio space

Reduce footprint

F channels sales of assets that the artist thought would not provide any income. This can lead to optimizing work processes and generating less waste. Unfinished or pieces that don´t belong to specific projects or series are not thrown away in a removal or deep studio cleaning. F provides more work space and less rent expenses while improving energy efficiency and resources for storage and conservation of artworks.

An incentive for lower and middle layers of art production

FAIRARTRADE also promotes the rise of investment in the lower and middle layers of nowadays contemporary art production, shedding light on the incongruence of overpriced artworks designed to fit in a deregulated art market linked to financial opacity and irregular transactions.  This is one of the reasons why some relevant contemporary art fairs take place in tax havens.

Mary Boone art dealer and gallerist before her 2019 conviction and sentence to 30 months in prison for tax evasion

Art market regulation

New European and North-american bills aim to improve anti–money laundering efforts by making it harder for purchasers to obscure their identity through offshore entities and shell companies.

Consequently, any art collectors wanting to buy, trade, and operate in the U.K. and EU—a combined market worth upwards of $18 trillion in GDP—will need to understand how to comply with the new regime and what galleries, auction houses, and other vendors will expect of them. Dealers and collectors in the Americas, Asia, and other regions will also need to comply with the new regime when working with clients in the U.K. and EU.  These new regulations will have a negative impact on intermediaries, but it will strengthen the middle and lower layers of this architecture.

Direct sales with the artist avoids the 50% loss and saves the art purchaser the excessive extra charges


Your personal Fairtrade registration number will be displayed in the red box 

The FAIRARTRADE Mark is a certification label for artworks created by professional visual/fine art artists based in any part of the world.

The Mark is used only on artworks certified in accordance with Fairartrade Standards and on promotional materials
to encourage people to buy Fairartrade artworks.  It is  based on a relationship of trust between visual artists and the Fairartrade platform.  Fairartrade is a family of art producers where members are trusted to make an honest use of the label.

Fairartrade is growing. We are developing new ways to connect visual/fine art artists to art buyers and collectors to increase their Fairartrade sales, bring more Fairartrade benefits to them and give everyone more ways to support Fairartrade visual/fine art artists through art purchases/ investments.