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The first ethical international contemporary art platform and network for the improvement of the current art market paradigm

Democratising contemporary art acquisition and enabling sustainable professional visual artists careers


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Fairartrade [F] has been conceived with the aim to build a healthy and fairer art market ecosystem.  F comes as a response to the uncontrollable current political, economic, socio-cultural and environmental transformations.  F is commited to achieving art democratization, embracing with care, loyalty and integrity its meaning.  The uncertainty and economic insecurity that professional and emerging fine art/visual artists struggle with, as well as the difficulties of most individuals to acquire consistent contemporary art, has motivated the conception of F.

F guarantees fair art prices to the buyers and 90% profit to the producers, delivering a fair and balanced exchange for both sides.

We are at the moment consolidating as a platform and therefore not fully operational yet.  In the meantime you can learn here more about F and apply to join us very soon.


Sundholmsvej 46 / std 48
2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 42616564 
Founded: February 23, 2021


Become a member

Who can apply?

All established, mid-career and emerging visual/fine art artists that can show proof of professional activity 

How much does the artist earn?

FAIR ART TRADE will pay 90% of the sales profits to the visual artist/producer.  

How to apply?

  ︎ Application dates soon to be announced  

To qualify for your registration number send us an e-mail with:

  • 3 images of recent works (Images must be JPG, PNG, GIF or SVG, and have a minimum height or width of 800px and no larger than 2MB and be in RGB mode)
  • link/s to your work, biography, interviews and/or activity 

Your personal Fairtrade registration number will be displayed in the red box.

What is the registration number?

If your registration is approved you will receive an e-mail with a high-resolution F logo incorporating your personal and non-transferable registration number. This number will automatically make you a member of FAIRARTRADE and you will be free to display the logo in any sales certificate without intermediaries. You will also be able to display it on your social media and professional platforms as long as the label is correctly linked to the platform´s website.

You will also receive a series of free certified downloadable documents that you will be free to use to help protect your property rights when you make an artwork sale following the fairartrade principles.


All members that want to be contactable will be listed in the upcoming Fairartrade Members Index. This archive will be widely shared and consulted by art professionals.